Month: September 2017

Drug UsesLopressor is indicated for treatment of high blood pressure, alone or with other medicines. Long–term treatment of chest pain and reduces the risk of death because of heart problems in patients who have had a heart attack. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. How TakenUse Lopressor as […]

Financing Plastic Surgery is Easy

The decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure requires careful consideration. Many patients, both men and women have a strong desire for cosmetic surgery but become hung up on the cost of their desired procedure. While a number of patients choose to save for their procedure, this often sets back the time frame in which they […]

Order Nexium Drug

Drug Uses Nexium is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition in which backward flow of acid from the stomach causes heartburn and injury of the esophagus (food pipe between the mouth and stomach). Nexium is used to treat the symptoms of GERD, allow the esophagus to heal, and prevent further damage to […] – Weight Management

”    Lose weight now… Keep the weight off later! Product list Are you tired of losing weight, only to gain it back again?  There are effective ways to permanently remove the Being overweight (obesity) contributes to a large number of problems, including diabetes and heart disease. excess weight.  The most obvious (and most difficult) is […]

Cervical Adjustment

The Cervical Adjustment The majority of headaches, migraines, dizziness, etc. are caused by misalignments of the cervical spine. The cervical spine is the most delicate, due to its intimate association to the brain and spinal cord. The cervical area is where the spinal cord attaches to the brain and houses the most important neurological structures […]

IMIS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

    In 1904, a fledgling Pharmaceutical concern, PCA & Co. was launched at Peridepi by the Ayurveda Mahopadhyaya Sri PC Ayya Varappayya. He initiated Dr D Subrahmanyam into Ayurveda. In 1929 the unit was shifted to Vijayawada, a larger town. In 1947, his successor Dr D Subramanyam made an indelible mark in Ayurveda. Renaming […]

Our reviews differ from reviews on the same topics written by other content providers. We evaluate the significance of results in the context of other data and clinical implications and describe the benefits and potential risks for the short and the long term (frequently ignored). For example, we explain that a substance that statistically lowers […]

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