Diatomaceous Earth Health – Silica Health Benefits and Side Effects

If you own a pool or have ever investigated natural pest control methods, you may have heard about diatomaceous earth. This powder isn’t actually a type of a dirt at all, but rather the tiny exoskeletons of marine life forms known as diatoms. These microscopic shells are made from pure silica. The diatomaceous earth you add to a pool contains other chemicals and additives, but the food-grade product is safe enough to eat. There are many benefits to taking a silica supplement.

Ingesting the shells of tiny marine life may seem pointless, but silica is an important micro nutrient required by the body for optimum health. Humans once ingested far more silica in their diet. However, the modern American diet of highly processed foods provides less than the required amount of this nutrient. Without enough silica, the body has a hard time flushing out toxins and other problematic chemicals. As they build up these toxins contribute to the aging process. If you want to extend your life and live healthier during the time you have, taking a silica supplement is highly recommended.

Even if you’ve already begun the aging process, ” can reverse many of these effects. The collagen that make up your hair and nails will be revitalized when silica levels in the body reach the right balance. Ridges or splits in the nails will heal, and your hair will develop a new luster. Cells in the skin that were struggling to stay plump and firm will recover, reducing wrinkles, as toxins and other build up is flushed from them.

If you want the full benefits offered by silica, you need to take the right supplement. Most silica supplements contain either diatomaceous earth alone, or another form of organic silica. Only SilaLive contains both high grade diatomaceous earth to clear out the digestive system, and micronized orthosilicic acid. This tiny form of organic silica can penetrate cell walls and works at a cellular level to clean the body and restore your health. No other supplements combine both forms of absorbent silica, and none of them feature micronized silica.

Unlike other supplements that smell foul or taste bad, the SilaLive silica mix is completely taste and odor free. It mixes into pure water for easy consumption and won’t disrupt your normal schedule or cause uncomfortable side effects. As your body absorbs the silica its been deprived of for years, your bones will become stronger. Your ligaments will gain elasticity, your cholestoral levels may drop, and you’ll feel more energetic. Each day that you drink a glass of SilaLive you’ll be washing toxins out of the body, extending the life and quality of your entire system.

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