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Hi everyone!

Is that interest I see in your face or is it disgust viewing
the site? 🙂 I’ll look at it in a positive manner and imagine
it is interest about knowing me, and I will go ahead with stating
facts 🙂

The thin man
When I was born, very little did I know then that I was going
to resemble the shape of a pencil or a ciggy in the future, believe
me I was really very heavy for anyone to lift me off the ground?.
Well…I disagree that I am thin. I only have a sportsman’s
figure 😉

My name is Somaditya Banerjee, friends call me Jit (my nick name).
I was born on 6th April, 1975 (not putting the exact age so that
I don’t have to update this every year) in Kolkata, India,
a place I love a lot. My parents are still living there, while
I am living far from home in another part of India, in a city
called Bangalore. My sister once told me “be a decent guy
Jit, it pays”, and I remember it in all the walks of life
🙂 so don’t worry about me.

I was born in the family of a government worker who was working
in the Audit Dept. of govt. of India. I was the second child,
the youngest :). My mother is a housewife. So, me and my brother
we never grew up in a lavish manner, but dad never let me worry
about money, but now when I look back I know that we were not
really poor but we were having a life where expenditures were
very calculated, even today we don’t have a home of our
own. But thanks to my dad and mom, who never really let me or
my brother feel that we were having any problems with money. Still,
when I am working for last 6 years, most of the time dad would
ask me over the phone whether I have money 🙂

I work as a User Interface Designer, and I like doing illustrations
as you see on my site, other than working on as a UI guy. And
I play the guitar, not very well though 🙂

And since you have shown interest, I have to share with you that
my best time pass is either reading books (not the murder mystery
types, i read more of literature and classics) or listening to
music, besides hanging out with friends a lot. My dad has always
been a big time reader, and I managed to inherit that from him.You
must be wondering where I get the time for all that? Well…the
answer is I am still single 😀 yoooohhhhhhoooo.

Right now my parents are living in Kolkata. I have a brother (his
name is Joy) who is living with his family in Kolkata too, he
has a cute baby daughter, and her name is Holi. I have a loving
sister (the best sister in the world, her name is Cez) who is
living with her family in the Philippines, she has a great son
called Alec and her husband is Vic.

The prior story
I studied all throughout in Kolkata gathering some of the best
buddies of my life, experiencing some of the best years of my
life (got some education also if anyone has any doubts). I did
my graduation in Commerce, but i had this ever growing interest
in designing and cartooning. When I was just about to get confused
in life regarding my career I found myself getting involved with
computer graphics, and I quite liked what I was doing. I joined
my first job in Kolkata as a team member in the multimedia group
of a software development house. In later years (I worked there
for more than 5 years) I was looking after the creative part of
the corporate communications there.

Today, as I stated earlier, I’m a lead UI Designer in the
Bangalore branch of a US based company, and my office is in one
of the loveliest places of Bangalore, The International Tech Park.

The note
I thank all my friends in Kolkata, I thank my sister, I thank
my parents and my brother and I thank all my colleagues at Globsyn,
and I thank everyone at Fusion for helping me be who I am, and
for making this possible with whatever way they have helped me

I would love to think that this is not your last visit to this
site, and you will keep coming back for the stories that my future
holds, I will share all that in this site…

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