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In order to effectively workout your chest, you need to build the muscles around the chest, shoulders and core. The end result will be a pumped up chest, strengthened wrists, enhanced pectoral muscles and (for the ladies) a lift to sagging breasts. However, to achieve these results, it necessary to do the most efficient chest exercises and to use proper form. To help you understand what you need to do, we’ll describe some of the better chest exercises here.

The best chest exercises work out all the three parts of the chest muscles (upper, middle and lower). In addition, for effective and fast results, the chest exercises should consist of lifts that will increase the mass of the chest like dumbbell presses and bench presses. They should also be able to improve the shape of the pecs. For example, definition exercises such as dumbbell flies and pec-deck.

Among the best chest exercises that display the desired results within a short period is Gironda neck press. It is also commonly referred to as Guillotine press. This exercise was created by Vince Gironda during his tireless efforts to build the muscles of his upper chest. This discovery turned him into a legendary bodybuilder.

The Gironda neck press is almost similar to the popular standard bench press. The difference arises in the fact that, with Gironda neck press the bar is lifted up to the neck. The effectiveness of this exercise lies in the fact that it immensely increases the activation of the upper chest pectorals. In addition, it works up the lower as well as the middle chest pectorals. Moreover, with approximately 225lbs it emanates better results than when an individual uses a traditional barbell bench with the weight of 275lbs.

Renowned body builders that have ranked the Gironda neck press as among the best chest exercises recommend that it should be performed in the following manner. Individuals are supposed to lie flat on the workout bench and cross their legs. Also, they should bend the crossed legs to attain 90 degrees. This position is preferred because it ensures the back of an individual lies flat on the bench thus increasing the range of motion.

Next, individuals should lift the weight slowly to their collar bone while maintaining a hand placement that is wider than their shoulder width. This should be followed by a push of the weight in an upward direction. However, the elbows should be slightly bent to curb lockouts as this decreases the built tension around the chest. This set of exercises should be repeated for about two to three times in a set of between 6 and 10 reps.

On the same hand, this exercise should be carried out hand in hand with bench, inclined and decline bench presses to work out the middle, upper and lower chest muscles effectively. In fact, desired results will be experienced within a short time span. Individuals can also include cross-over and flies bench presses in the workout session to increase the mass of the chest side muscles. Due to the wide array of information regarding the best chest exercises, it is prudent to ensure the exercises have the discussed, characteristics for effective and fast results.

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