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Space On Myra Front Window

Space On Myra is the result of many hands and the design genius of Jonathan Dubuque.  The space was a labor of love and took many months to put together.  We went with a sustainable, re-purposed concept and something wonderful grew out of it.

Green LEDs

Red LEDs

The walls are covered in distressed wood that have LEDs implanted in them.  This incorporates light therapy in the classes as another layer to the holistic concept of the space.  This helps create an inviting environment for meditation that we feel interleaves beautifully with the philosophies of yoga.

Front of Studio

The floors, stage and front bench are bamboo which lends a warm, gentle surface for yogis feet while practicing.

Kitchen at Space On Myra

The kitchen is made entirely of recycled materials.  The wood was salvaged from Thomas Edisons work bench. it was pulled out of a family home near Pasadena and donated to be used in our build out.  This inspired the extensive use of Edison bulbs in the decorative lighting.  Jonathan designed the chandelier in the front window, it is made from pipe and Edison bulbs and lends a warm glow to the studio space.

Green Tara

Katie Crawford Drawing Green Tara

The mural of Green Tara was painted by artist Katie Crawford.  We chose Green Tara for the space for several reasons, she is known as the Buddha of enlightened activity, she offers protection from unfortunate circumstances, she is filled with youthful vigor and is a goddess of activity. She is the fiercer form of Tara, but is still a savior-goddess of compassion.  We felt that this energy is a wonderful blend of our intention for the studio and the community we are striving to create.   Katie’s work is beautiful, we feel blessed to have her energy enlivening the space.

Space On Myra Retail

All products for sale at Space On Myra are ecologically responsible.  We exclusively retail Manduka yoga gear, we are the first California distributor of Feelgoodz flip flops and all bottled water that is available at the studio is packaged in corn based, compostable plastics.  As we source more products that are in alignment with our principles we will gladly share them with you.   The boutique portion of the studio will be open in May of 2011.

Green LED Walls

Space On Myra In Process

Green Tara Charcoal

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