Bank Capital Group is a professional
consulting firm that works with organizing groups on the daunting task of
opening a new bank.  While the task may be difficult, most organizing
groups find the results highly rewarding.

Your Community Bank will be a
valuable addition to the local community in several ways.  Residents and
businesses will be provided with a place where they can bank and receive
services from someone who understands the wants and needs of the community. You
will also be providing an opportunity for those same residents and businesses to
invest their money in a local institution with plans to bring them positive
returns while also supporting the local economy.
Time and time
again, people see their existing “local” bank swallowed up in a merger and
wonder “What happened to the service we’ve grown accustomed to?”  A group
of local entrepreneurs come together and agree to remedy the situation by
opening a new bank.  They want to offer the local community, their friends
and neighbors, the same services they are accustomed to as well as make a sound
investment in their community.
the proper knowledge and guidance, starting a bank can be a difficult and
lengthy process. The process can be broken down into four distinct phases.

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