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This blog is a love child of all of those things that bring joy to our lives and we are so excited to introduce our crazy little adventure love-baby to you!  Tell us what revs your jets, because we REALLY want to know!  Like, for serious.  Add that to the list of things we love… hearing about other cool things that make people happy!!

Hi, I’m Anna! I’m a yoga teacher, actress, singer, and Jacqueline-of-all-trades (is that a term? You know what I mean) in Los Angeles.

I love baking, hiking with my dogs, traveling, saying yes, vegan food, outrigger canoeing, movies, crafting, reading, learning new things, adventure, human interaction, talking on the phone, bright colors, dark chocolate, stationary and paper products, girly stuff, sayings that are underused (e.g. Tally-ho!), sun on my face, finding out about new music, Japanese design, farmers markets, inspirational quotes, being silly, spicy margaritas, planning my epic organic garden that will someday exist, anything super romantic and sweet, quirky retro stuff, fonts, running, being eco-friendly, brunch, tree houses, unnecessary kitchen items, making lists, meeting new people, and quite simply, joie de vivre!

Hi, I’m Elle!  I’m a yoga teacher, daydreamer, stealer-of-Anna’s-Jacqueline-of-all-trades-term (yes, I do believe this is a term), and never-ending adventurer living in the unsuspectingly exciting city of St. Louis.

I am absolutely committed to living a life that keeps me fully entertained and engaged.  Sometimes that means  trying something new, like aerial dance or pottery.  Other times that means a plane ride or roadtrip to somewhere I’ve never been before, where I can meet new people, eat new food and check out the local culture, whether it’s in the middle of Missouri (yes, there IS culture there!) or Italy.  Constant exploration and adventure from the inside out is what sustains me and makes me happy, and I want to share those experiences with you here!

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