Top 7 places that are a must visit in ukraine for travel enthusiast

Ukraine is a well known tourist destination by travel enthusiast across the world.  It is tourist destination endowed with beautiful sunny beaches, gorgeous mountain landscapes and much more. Ukraine is also very rich in culture and history. There is so much in Ukraine that tourist from all parts of the world can admire and appreciate. Some of the top 7 fascinating places that you must visit when you go to Ukraine are:


This is the capital city of Ukraine which is located on the Dnipro River. In the olden days (11th and 12th centuries), Kyiv was a trading route for Baltic and Mediterranean. The city is endowed with beautiful and amazing architectural designs which are a great treasure for Ukraine. Some of the most outstanding attractions in Kyiv are Cathedral of St. Sophia, Ukrainian Baroque Church of St. Andrew, the Golden Gate (dating back to 1037), the Percherska Lavra, and the 19th century Cathedral of St. Volodymyr. In 2004, Kyiv was classified as a Beta global city because there is numerous of things to behold in this city. In addition, the infrastructure is highly developed and established making it easily accessible.

The Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains is one of the best destinations in Ukraine for travel enthusiasts. The Carpathian Mountains which is located in Western part of Ukraine is just the perfect place for one to enjoy snow and ski. The Carpathian Mountains are marvelous and wonderful and cover approximately 24 square kilometers. In winter, The Carpathian Mountains flocks with tourists from across the globe.

Apart from snow, The Carpathian Mountains have an amazing mix of forest meadows and rough rivers and lakes. The scenery is so captivating to the tourists. The Carpathian Mountains is a place that you cannot afford to skip when you tour Ukraine.

Kamyanets Podilski

Kamyanets Podilski is one of the most popular places among the tourists in Ukraine. Its popularity originates from its wide range of architectural attractions. Some of the most fascinating architectural designs in Kamyanets Podilski are St. Paul and St. Peter cathedrals as well as castle city hall building. When you visit Ukraine, ensure that you drop at Kamyanets Podilski for the amazing treat that will leave you craving for more. It is simply amazingly awesome.

Lviv Cultural Center

Lviv is a very charming and beautiful city in Ukraine. Lviv is a fabulous city endowed with wonderful nature and architecture. It has amazing squares, historical museums, unique statues and classic restaurants with superb ambiance of tranquility and harmony. Some of the most striking things in Lviv are the Korniakt Palace, the Orthodox Cathedral, the Armenian Cathedral, Market Square, Lviv High Castle and Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet amidst others. It is one of the top places that are a must visit in Ukraine if you are a travel enthusiast.


Yalta is a scintillating mountain covered sea-side city which is a prime tourist destination in Ukraine. Nevshky Cathedral, the Armenian Church, Yalta’s Zoo, Yalta’s Sea Promenade, Gothic style Castle, the Cable Car in Yalta, , Yalta’s Aquarium, Livadia Place and  Palace of Bukhara Emir are some of the amazing things that you will encounter and capture your eyes in Yalta. You should literally allocate an entire day just to move around Yalta to have adequate time to behold the wonderful and fabulous features in this city.

Odessa (Pearl of Black Sea)

Odessa is renowned for the Odessa Catacombs (a huge labyrinth of underground tunnels) which are a fascinating site. It is the third largest city in Ukraine and the most thriving in terms of trade. It contributes a significant share in the GDP of Ukraine. Odessa’s beautiful climate as well as sunlit beaches attracts bazillion of tourists from various parts of the world every year. The sunlit beaches and Odessa Catacombs coupled with marvelous architecture, makes Odessa enchanting.


It is a Sea Port City and Ukrainian Navy main hub. Sevastopol greatest attractions are the Admirals Burial Vault, beaches, the Black Sea Fleet and Museum, the Panorama Museum, Hersonesk National Archeological Reserve and the Diorama Museum. When you visit this Sea Port city, you will definitely have an interesting story to tell at the end of the day.

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