Molecular Imaging Technology For Evaluation Of Cancer

Many diseases such as cancer are scary and deadly alike. In the constantly evolving world of technology we can use various methods to better target and learn about these cancers. With Molecular Imaging Technology, both doctors and scientist can see a patient like they never have before. There is a growing number of methods in which this can be done.

The scientists and doctors can see patients, in vivo or in a non invasive manner. The benefit to this is that they do not have to make any incisions to determine the status of what is going on. Instead this technology allows them to see where everything is happening. This gives surgeons an a direct plan of attack.

An MRI is fairly common term used today. MRI means magnetic resonance imagining. This technology uses magnets to create both functional and morphological images which it is very adept at. This gives a full body scan, looking at the entire picture. If a more specific imaging is requested, various other methods and technologies work for other parts of the body,

Optical imaging in it’s most basic of terms uses light rays to map out the body. The main disadvantage to this is that it doesn’t penetrate as deeply through the body. The advantage to that however is that it has close to zero safety concerns, putting ti in a similar risk category as an ultrasound.

Single photon emission Computed Tomography, also known as SPECT uses gamma energy. This can be a very easy and cost effective procedure to create an image of a brain. The gamma is reflected back multiple times around the head, until a full map of the brain is created. Gamma is not the only radiation that can be used, however it is the most common. This technology is typically cheaper to use and create.

A positron emission tomography, or a PET scan is the same idea as the SPECT. A PET can be more costly as the radiation being used is different, though considerably less potent creating less concern for safety. The greatest benefit of this method is that it is used to create a three dimensional image.

Each method has its own advantages. Some work better in specific areas of the body, or for specific evaluations than others. As an area of continued interest, developing new methods is always under research. It can be very difficult to identify and target what exactly it is that you are seeking when in the developmental process. Medical scientists are trying to improve upon these methods as the benefits are massive. We have only begun to scratch the surface of these sciences.

From this you can determine that there are a large variety of ways to use Molecular Imaging Technology. The technology produces benefits that are astounding in that it helps both doctors and patients. Every different method goes about imaging in a slightly different way, but to help all mankind is the goal though detecting various cancers, injuries, and diseases.

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