Effective Stomach and Esophagus Treatment – Tips to Prevent Heartburn

If you suffer from heartburn frequently then you have good reason to be worried. This ailment can leave you with an uncomfortable burning feeling in the stomach and chest after you eat a meal. If it happens frequently then you are at risk of suffering from serious ailments such as ulcers and even cancer. Frequent acidity might even result in the enamel of your teeth getting eroded over time. You will also have difficulty swallowing and sleeping because of this problem. You should therefore get the right stomach and esophagus treatment without any delay so that this problem can be brought under control without any delay.

Heartburn is generally caused because of excess production of stomach acids due to various reasons. There are a few popular stomach and esophagus treatment options that help you get relief from the burning sensations.

– Over the counter medications such as antacids which neutralize the effect of stomach acids. There are many popular antacids available in the market. They are generally made of ingredients such as calcium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate or aluminum hydroxide.

– Acid blockers which prevent the stomach from producing acids in the first place. Some of these drugs are Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) whereas others are Histamine Antagonists. You can easily buy highly effective PPIs such as Nexium online and get relief from heartburn over the long run. Keep in mind that these medicines do not offer immediate results.

– Lifestyle modification to ensure that that the stomach does not secrete large quantities of acids. Meals should be small in size and should also be consumed after small intervals. Meals should also be free of excess spices, oils etc. You should also avoid lying down immediately after consuming a meal in order to prevent the possibility of acid moving up the food passage.

The problem with antacids is that they do not offer you reliable stomach and esophagus treatment in the long run. Have a talk with your doctor about the exact dosage of PPIs required. It might not be possible to take this medication if you suffer from certain illnesses for which you are taking medications that react negatively with PPIs. Not only will you get relief from acidity but this drug will also ensure that the lining of the stomach and esophagus gets repaired over time. This is a good way of preventing cancer of the esophagus and ensuring that you have a comfortable life.

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